Welcome to Fechner.Legal

As you can see, we spent the last few months implementing the new website and finally, we are pleased to show it to you. The design of our logotype also gained a new lease of life. As you may notice, the office address has also changed (you can check the "contact" tab).

Fresh look, same goals

We are aware that the website still needs to be improved in terms of content, but our team is constantly working on it. We are primarily happy that the website is simple, readable, and informative.

Another piece of news is that we'll be launching the blog soon. From time to time, you will have a chance to read articles connected mainly to international copyright law and employment law in Germany. Please visit the "Blog" subpage.

Despite the recent changes, our goal has stayed the same - we will continue to offer professional legal assistance in every area of Intellectual Property Law, mainly in Copyright Law as well as in the field of Labor law in Germany.  

Copyright law is very important in the era of digitization of art. Artists whose artwork is published online without their consent can count not only on our help in removing the artwork from the infringer’s website or social media platform but also on our help in claiming an appropriate compensation for the illegal use.

Image theft

We have been dealing with copyright infringements successfully for many years. Stealing photography or any other products of human creativity is a serious violation of the law. Fortunately, in recent years we noticed that the understanding of intellectual property is better than it was in the past. Artists are more and more respected and Internet users are becoming more and more familiar with the subject of copyright. 

Photo: Shutterstock / GoodStudio

On the other hand, the number of infringements is still staggering. Sadly, many people still see nothing wrong with intellectual property theft. We want to fight with that, even if it means court action. We’ve already won several cases for our international clients. However, we believe that consensus can be reached out of court in a way that satisfies both parties. 

Unlawful termination

Fechner.Legal also offer legal services in the field of employment law. One of our main goals is to help employees in case of unlawful termination of the contract. We believe the problem of losing jobs became even more important in the economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. In the field of labor law, we operate comprehensively - we advise and enforce due rights, but also try to teach our clients how to prevent situations that may contribute to breach of these rights. 

At the very end, we would like to thank you for your cooperation and trust so far - we are glad that we help so many people to solve their legal problems. Our clients usually value our amicable approach, professionalism, and persistence in protecting their rights. Despite the visual changes, we will strive to maintain our services at the highest level.

Fechner.legal: New Website, Same Mission